Our physiotherapists and wellness practitioners are here to help you experience your very best state of physical health and wellbeing.  It’s our mission to help you move the way you want to move, to do the physical activity that you love to do – life is too short to be missing out.


Physiotherapy + Clinical Pilates

Physiotherapy Plus for everybody – your next move to a healthy and happy lifestyle! We provide comprehensive physiotherapy services for enhancing your physical movement and overall quality of life.

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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage uses a hands on approach to treatment which includes a variety of advanced massage techniques, stretching and exercise to assess and treat soft tissue dysfunction. 


Muscle Recovery Suit

The NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern starts in the foot, hand, or lower hip and moves upwards zone-by-zone massaging the limb and mobilizing fluid out of the extremities, helping your muscles grow and recover from damage. 


Active Youth Training

At NextMove we are encouraging kids and young people to get active at a young age, make healthy life choices and establish healthy routines for life. We run specific Youth Gym sessions for kids and teenagers at our Hillary's clinic.

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Running Assessment

At NextMove we understand most runners want to run injured or not! This is why we can design a comprehensive exercise program that will help make you a more efficient runner and keep you out there ‘pounding the pavement’.


Workers Comp / DVA / MVA

Are you having trouble getting back to work? Do you feel that you are not moving forward with your physiotherapy or medical management to get you feeling back to yourself again?


Wellness and Gym Membership

Our Wellness Menu is here to optimise your movement, treat injury and illness, facilitate weight loss, rehabilitate and offer preventative programs to  build your body’s strength and resilience.

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Bike Fit Assessment

The true value of Bike Fit Assessments at NextMove are wide, compressive and varied. We provide comfortable physical and functional advice that will result in positive changes to your life when cycling.



Our hydrotherapy rehabilitation programs are overseen by experienced physiotherapists, offering a wide range of benefits to all. Exercising in water helps reduce the pressure and stress on your body and joints.