Bike Fit Assessment

In the real world every body is unique and every body is changing and changeable, and the true value of Bike Fit Assessments at NextMove are wide, compressive and varied. We provide comfortable physical and functional advice that will result in positive changes to your life when cycling.

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Rider positioning from this perspective, therefore, is a process of matching your ‘bike-fit’ with your current cycling fitness level and goals, whilst recognising that as your fitness and goals change, so too will your optimal bike fit.

If you are not currently experiencing any pain or injuries whilst cycling with your current riding position you may well ask “Why should I bother with a bike fit then?”

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Well, because your riding position forces your body to adapt to that riding position, for better or worse. This not only determines the level of performance and comfort that you can achieve, but also influences the likelihood of developing pain or overuse injuries if you continue to ride in that position, or if you increase your training volume or intensity.

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Regardless of your cycling experience, you still have plenty to gain from Bike Fit. For those with less experience, the correct riding position will allow you to develop an optimal pedalling technique and postural stability before poor habits are established, whilst for experienced riders the correct riding position is essential to maximise performance and avoid the development of overuse injuries due to the higher intensity and volume of training or racing.