The Green Light Approach

Welcome to NextMove's GreenLight Project, this program is designed to help you improve mobility and control.........Following our recent programs of education in the USA, Nextmove has evolved its offering in 2022 to help patients with their rehab, conditioning, pre-operative care and biomechanics via the App.  Based on your physio or movement leaders advice from a trained Nextmove Movement Coach you can now work on the Green Light program in the privacy of your own home, office, gym or sports club. We value technology and together with performance and prevention we know these movements can improve your function and increase your current range of motion.

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 1.53.28 pm.png

The program, was created in 2021 by Matt Tribble and filmed with Luke Hollings to help bring safe movement practice to anyone, anywhere. We use 7 Greenlights, which basically are the basis in which we program at Nextmove in our rehab gym and performance gym. Clinically we have witnessed results that have resolved people's pain and stiffness and prevented surgery, plus huge restoration of movement. We provide a Free Gym space for our patients to work out that have been prescribed a program, In 2022 we have more of this education into our class timetable for the benefit of our members. Stay tuned...and stay well.