Can you claim for Pilates? your key questions answered

The new Health Reform is here and its scaring potential clients away from doing pilates.

This blog is to reassure you that at Nextmove we actually provide health rebates for all classes. We actually make our classes treatment based, and follow an assessment using our Clinical Pilates training and we also record each session via a movement assessment sheet.

All our classes are physiotherapy based. We also would say we are not pilates purists, we actually teach principles from our movement and treatment bank of ideas and knowledge that goes as deep as the learnings our team has had in their own sport, to training sessions on the other side of the world with sport science, strength and conditioning backgrounds.

We cater for all. I would certainly suggest you try our “high intensity reformer” if you are looking for an added cardio outcome in your next workout or the “reformer and more” if you are simply wanting to move, stretch and mobilise stiff joints.

There is certainly a buzz in our clinics, whether it is 1-1 programs or a full studio booked. Youth classes have been one of the best programs because kids who play sport often suffer from real issues of postural support and often demonstrate the most improved results in our pilates program from just 10 sessions.

The best tip is to try a Free Physio Health Check, see what our team find and then we can align the best type of movement for you!

Thanks for reading..

Matt Tribble