Our Values / Pillars

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A Message from Matt Tribble
(Founder & Managing Director)

At Nextmove our true point of difference is our centred approach around prevention, performance and technology in every service we provide for our patients as well as our ethos in how we want to treat anyone who walks through our doors. We often find our patients have been to places where symptoms are the main focus, they are treated and potentially discharged when they should continue working together on other aspects of their health or movement.

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Having these 3 pillars helps us the create the Nextmove Wellness Club atmosphere, a family feeling opposed to a sterile treatment environment. When Nextmove first began with our three pillars we also committed to upholding our core five values: Care, Health, Energy, Teamwork and Accountability.


Our values are something we stand by; they hold up the purpose of why we created the Nextmove brand. When COVID-19 hit the business world in 2020 I had to reflect and look at these values as a basis for rebuilding the Nextmove team. Fortunately, when I asked the team ‘Why do you like Nextmove?’ or ‘What makes you comfortable choosing Nextmove as your place of work?’ I found that our team were committed to and living by the same values as myself. So, we built our Nextmove team and on our Staff Development day in April 2021 we all committed to upholding our values. How we operate day-to-day is based on our five values; every decision we make, our performance reviews, how we care for our patients and how we present ourselves is based on these 5 values. After 14 years and over 13,000 individual patients in a single location I am very proud of our accomplishments and our ability to provide personalised holistic care and I look forward to helping many more in achieving their journey to limitless health and wellbeing.