Meet Sarah Gregson Our new Physio

Sarah has been involved in all aspects of movement, physiotherapy and

sports therapy for more than 25 years; originally graduating as a Chartered

Physiotherapist in the UK before going on to manage a Physiotherapy

Department in a major private hospital. She specialised in sports injury

rehabilitation and prevention before expanding into Pilates where she has

extensive experience and an admirable track record of successful treatment

of, and prevention of, injuries, not only those that are sports or work related

but also the many issues that arise from everyday living.

As an athlete Sarah understands the impact the injuries have on day to day

living and performance. With years of experience she has crafted a unique

method of incorporating Pilates and functional movement into her treatment


Her passion to be continually at the cutting edge of research and up to date

techniques for physical well being has seen her embrace the tremendous

advances in the field of fascial therapy and treatment by incorporating

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) into her armament.

More recently Sarah has finished her Lifestyle medicine course in Menopause

and women’s healthy ageing specialist.


When you book a session with Sarah expect her to get excited about puzzling

out the movement pattern that resulted in you experiencing pain.

For me it’s important to understand a person’s relationship with gravity and

how movement flows from that.

Tendons get upset when they don’t tolerate the load we place upon them.

And that can be as simple as deciding to paint the front room or spending the

afternoon walking round Yanchep lake when we don’t do it every week.

Backs get upset when the hips and pelvis are not working optimally.

And at the bottom of the pile I always find is a weakness of some sort


I love anatomy and applied anatomy. It’s wonderful to see how the body

adapts to life and repetitive movement.

But I now know from my lifestyle medicine course that the inside of us matters

as well. In other words what do we need to do to dampen the inflammation at

a cellular level to help us stay strong and functional especially as we pass

beyond our 40s.

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