Meet the Team: Amica Carmichael

I always knew growing up that I wanted to work in a profession where I would be able to help people achieve a healthier and happier self. I was also very interested in human biology and the way in which the body functions, moves and operates. This led me down the pathway of Physiotherapy.

I went to school at St Mark’s Anglican Community School and graduated in 2014. Before commencing my studies, I took 12 months off where I both worked and travelled. I then embarked on my 4 year journey of becoming a Physiotherapist at Curtin University. Upon completing my degree, I began working at Nextmove Wellness and Physiotherapy.

I love working alongside patients to help them improve their physical and emotional well-being, so that they are able to lead a happy and healthy life. Whether a patient is suffering with chronic musculoskeletal pain, has acquired an acute sporting injury or are just wanting to increase their overall activity levels, I love working with patients to help them achieve their individual goals.

I love being active in my spare time. This is definitely another reason that led me down the career pathway of Physiotherapy. In my spare time I love going to the gym (where I follow a strength and conditioning program), going for coffee and brunch with friends and going for a long walk along the beautiful WA coastlin

Amica Carmichael

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