Meet the Team: Hannah Bagnall

I joined the NextMove team earlier this year and it has been a great journey, my role at NextMove is IT and the building/ maintenance of the website. I am mainly self-taught and love learning about new and interesting things we can do to make the website bigger and better.

But my main passion is sport, I have played lots of sports of the years including soccer, hockey and surf lifesaving but my main interest in motocross. I started riding motorbikes when I was four years old, and ride a Yamaha PW50 before I could ride a pushbike and from then on I have been addicted! Motocross has been an important part of my life ever since, it has taken me all over the country and the world and I have been lucky to meet some incredible people and make some amazing friends. In 2020 I got a chance to ride in some of MXGP World Championships races in England and Netherlands before it all got shut down by COVID-19, but this was my childhood dream and I got to achieve it!

Riding bikes for 20 years has taught me so much about the importance of health and wellness, the importance of taking care of yourself to see what incredible things you can accomplish. Along with this has also come a fair few injuries, I am currently recovering from an ACL reconstruction but with help from the NextMove team it won't be to long before I'm back out riding!

Away from NextMove and sports I am studying to become a nurse, and all the studying takes up a lot of my spare time! Being part of the NextMove team is great, our vision of making human performance and wellbeing limitless is something I believe in and strive towards for myself.

Hannah Bagnall

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