Meet the Team: Luke Hollings

I have now been a physio for 13 years after graduating from Curtin University School of Physiotherapy in 2008. In my high school years, I was extremely keen on all sports competing in swimming, cricket, rowing, rugby, athletics and primarily AFL. I suffered an ACL Rupture at the age of 16 which put the brakes on all activities and had a big impact on me. I was supported with my recovery by some great Physiotherapists and was able to return to play in 10 months. This at an early stage showed me how much input a Physiotherapist can have to help people through their pain or injury journey to get them back to doing the things they enjoy.

My first Physiotherapy role was a suburban based clinic with affiliation to the local community gym and pool facilities, having the option of being able to take patients through the gym or the pool instilled at an early stage of my career the importance of exercise in patient recovery and injury prevention. I made the move then into a corporate health setting working in a CBD clinic. During this time my role encompassed Physiotherapy and ergonomic consulting and assessments. I Also started a role of as a site based Physiotherapist providing injury management, wellness and physiotherapy in the manufacturing sector.

I was able to use my career as a physio to travel spending 4 years in the United Kingdom, one of the great things about Physiotherapy is a body is a body no matter where in the world you are. Based in London and working with the corporate arm of a health company who ran London Bridge Hospital amongst others was a fantastic experience to work and experience how a health company with many facets was run. After too much fun and lots of opportunities to explore Europe over that time my now wife and I returned back to Perth at the end of 2017. Only to jet off once again to have our wedding in Italy in 2018.

Working as a Physio I have seen the profession change over the years, for the positive, there is much greater focus on prevention and education to our patients is the real lynch pin to help not only settle injuries when they do occur but equip patients with those strategies for rehab prevention and general wellness. Starting with Nextmove only recently it has been great to see that these ideals are held so highly, and I am fortunate to have landed here at Nextmove. I enjoy treating any neck or back related presentations and as a runner myself enjoy treating running related injuries as I know just how frustrating it can be to have to stop the activity you love.

Dad to one girl with another bub soon to join the family and the recent addition of a puppy which keeps home life very busy, but lots of fun!

I keep active by running. running has always been my way to keep fit but also I find it a great way to clear the mind. I love to cook, I enjoy the time that goes into preparing a full meal, my pandemic purchase was a portable gas pizza oven so I have spent the last year perfecting my pizza dough (so another reason to keep up running!).

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