Meet the Team: Matt Tribble

Hello Nextmovers, friends and family,

I want to start this blog and personal bio by saying a huge thank you for supporting me on my last 14 years as the founder and CEO of the Nextmove company. It’s 2021 and I’m 42 and really excited about our purpose which is to “make human performance limitless”.

For those that don’t know me I was born in Cambridge, England and I was fortunate to start my childhood in Perth…and move back to England in 1995! I can certainly say that experiencing life in two separate parts of the world really shaped my hunger to “have a crack at opportunities if they align with your passion."

My university education started at the University of Brighton with my first degree achievement in Sport Science and then I went onto a Physiotherapy degree at the University of Teesside. I cherish the great memories and learnings together with a great education in England. My first physio job was in a North of London Hospital in the county of Hertfordshire plus I had a short stint with the British Gymnastics Team. I emigrated back to Perth in 2005 at the age of 25 and it was only 2 years later I took the plunge to start Nextmove Physiotherapy. This was certainly a juggling act to start a business and also travelling as the Perth Wildcats physio in my late 20’s.

I also want to state that I’m deeply grateful to the staff which have contributed to my success as a business owner. Special mentions to Bernie Cregan, Jan Erikson, Elaine Hainsworth, Sam McClaren and Hayley Miller for all the years of service you have given this awesome company. You have all had a huge impact on how we now operate and your impact is deeply appreciated. Without you all, this journey from the days of opening on Dampier Avenue, to the next move onto flora terrace and now at Endeavour Business Centre would not be reachable…I am proud to say we have now helped over 13,000 patients and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

Why did I become a physio?

In 2021 I have started reflecting more on this question and I decided post Covid 19 outbreak from March 2020 during some of the forced lockdowns to dig deep to find out what my true purpose was for the Nextmove business ! In 2020 and 2021 I’ve read so much more to search deep not only to find this purpose. In 2021 I also found Rob Bentley as my business coach to help me with Nextmove and reach me more about running all aspects of the business from both a clinic location sense and also for our new corporate clients.

If you get 5 mins take a look at this video where Rob asks me how I got into this chosen path…

Also Check out the books Below that helped me navigate thru, challenge and pivot my thinking; Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey, Unwritten by Jack Delosa, Legacy by James Kerr, Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk, Open by Andre Agassi, Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett, Freestyle by Carl Paoli, Shoe Dog by Phil, Against all Odds by Craig Challen, Resilience Project by Hugh van Cuylenburg, Good to Great by Jim Collins, Subtle art of not giving of F**k by Mark Manson,, Elon Musk’s Bio, Can’t make this up (Kevin Hart) plus many podcasts…Anything especially with Malcolm Gladwell has to top my list…

I’ve also recently completed a course as a Ready State Movement and Mobility specialist after being taught from Dr Kelly Starrett and Dr Sean McBride a new approach to assessing and teaching patients regarding either their bio mechanical or structural problems.I’m grateful to have this knowledge and pass this onto my team as it’s transformed my thinking about where Physiotherapy is truely heading.

You might not see me as hands on as much now at Nextmove, in fact Luke Hollings is now our GM however my door is always open. My role currently is to mentor the team, treat and teach a bit but mainly focus on business development and overseeing new ideas into the company. I still love my time being a physio and the conversations I get to have with you all as you come into our Nextmove building.

Outside of the nextmove job I love, my deepest love is for my beautiful wife and 3 amazing daughters…plus I have to mention all the pets we keep accumulating!! As a family we enjoy seeing our close friends, the Perth beaches and what travel does for us all, and watching those mighty eagles! I do try to keep fit also but like a lot of you often I need lots of encouragement and extrinsic motivation.

Cheers for reading!


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