Nextmove's Team Expansion 2022

Meet Lachie McDonald: Starting March 2022 with aspirations to being a High Performance Physio and having two years of full experience we are really proud to welcome a new member into our team. Lachie competed at a high level also in Track & Field as is naturally well versed to supporting his patients in rehabilitation and movement in a gym environment. Lachie will also help the company in Occupational Health with our corporate clients.

Meet Greg Morgan: Started March 2022 to help us deliver the Performance Boutique chapter in our Nextmove business.

Greg has 14 years of experience as a lead Strength and Conditioning coach at WAIS, looking after top Olympic and Commonwealth performance athletes. Greg is a Sport Scientist and Physiotherapist. Welcome Greg to the team!!

Matt Tribble, Luke Hollings, Claudia Pisano, Lachie Macdonald, Greg Morgan, Sara Pedras, Amberley Jones and Jaime Healing are all looking forward to helping you with your healthcare needs in 2022! Stay Strong WA!!

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