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Welcome to the Blog

Here at Nextmove we pride ourselves on our connection to the community and excellence in holistic care. We wanted to create a space for our existing and prospective clients in the community to engage with our clinic and staff. Our blog is designed to provide further educational resources to help improve well-being and assist in the overall management of our clients as well as giving you a further insight into the lives of our Nextmove team.

Our team of therapists will be posting weekly on different topics around physiotherapy, massage and pilates as well as keeping you up to date with any news, events and exciting developments in the Nextmove Wellness space.

At Nextmove we have a clear vision, to make human performance and wellbeing limitless guided by our patient centred care and supported by our three pillars: prevention, performance and technology. Our Nextmove team was built on the values we uphold: care, health, energy, teamwork and accountability. How we operate day-to-day is based on these values, every decision we make, our performance reviews, how we care for our patients and how we present ourselves is based on these core values. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with personalised, holistic care and we look forward to helping you in your wellness journey with our new blog.

Please feel free to engage with us on social media around the content you’d love to see on our blog or just stop by to say hi!

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

The Nextmove Team

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