Performance Exploded!

In 2016 I was fortunate to be trained in public speaking by Matt Church, arguably the Tony Robbins version of mastering public speaking in Australia. As preparation for my trip I had to write a 10-minute speech on one word and then use three sub words that were related to the first word. I thought I would write my speech on the word ENERGY.

I pitched this as my idea because at the time I was trying to take the NextMove brand into the corporate space, and I leant on my passion for helping people and the energy our team brings daily to making people’s lives better. However, when I arrived in Sydney to prepare for the public speaking course, and the 3 days of training that lead to that final moment of presenting on stage, I was overwhelmed with the talent of speakers! The room was packed with people for all industries, from radio presenters, politicians and authors to magazine and newspaper editors and journalists.

On day 4, I was up on stage with a judging panel watching me and I failed miserably, I felt so out of my depth and behind the field that presented with such precision. Maybe I was being harsh on myself, but it gave me the drive to get better, something which has been part of my DNA and what I tell my kids today about “never giving up”. Two years later I flew to a meeting in Melbourne and pitched NextMove’s corporate Injury Prevention idea to a business using the same “improved speech”, however when I delivered my pitch I was interrupted politely. Across the table, the lady I met with, CEO of the company said to me, “now Matt why do patients keep coming back to NextMove?”. In short, I replied because we care about helping people perform and achieve whatever their goals are in life. She answered, “well you need to articulate the word PERFORMANCE, and maybe combine that with PREVENTION in all that you do in your company from this day forward”. I felt like calling Matt Church asking if I could re-present my speech. In 2020 I took this to a completely new level with our core purpose as a company to make human performance and wellbeing limitless.

From that day in 2018, we used the word Performance, Prevention and Technology in everything we do for our patients. In fact, when you come to NextMove you will witness that physiotherapy has evolved AWAY from the treatment table and the consultation is further extended into what we call our Performance gym. By watching people move in an open space, using floor space and gym apparatus, we can see where the restriction or fault is coming from in our treatment and assessments. We create that sense of awareness in our “NextMover’s so they can achieve positions of their body that support the function that they need.

Our goal as a team in 2021 and beyond is to embed this approach for all patients, to be assessed by a NextMove physiotherapist not just for Rehab but instead for preventative reasons. Maybe you want to hit a golf ball further, maybe you need to take time of your next 5Km fun run, or you are so close to making the state team, or you are worried about last years old netball injury re-surfacing, or your coach has said get stronger, maybe your current PT can’t help your current hip stiffness, maybe you just want to do house chores knowing that the next day your knee won’t swell, maybe you need a structured performance program, or the current circuit class is too jolting on your ankles, or you have trained for years but the results are not where you want them to be…

Come walk in today and I’ll take you through the gym and show you how we train you at the right level, in a safe way but so you can explode with the performance you desire!!


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