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I’ve just completed a new qualification to help me become a better rehab physio/coach and mentor at NextMove, and I’m proud to say I am now a Ready State Mobility Coach and have achieved the letters TRS-C. This is recognised in the USA as a qualification for having competency in the field of assessing and treating via movement FOR tool CrossFit and Strength and Conditioning athletes. This course was run by Dr Kelly Starrett and Dr Sean McBride who are also amazing Physiotherapists in California.

For the Children and their parents that are keen to push their glass ceiling of limitations up another notch, or maybe you are simply lost in the wilderness of athletic performance and are just following what your sports club tells you what to do, or maybe every season you are walking into a medical facility getting scans or physio treatment, or you simply want a NextMove coach to support/confirm what you may think you need, WE invite you and your parents to come to our NextMove clinic to see what it’s all about. We recently held a performance training workshop for parents that looked at the following principles.

I must quote from the founders of TRS, designing training programs/rehab programs comes from a D2 R2 model and also the I3 model.

D = De-Sensitise

D = De-Congest

R = Re-Perfuse

R = Restore movement

I = Incomplete movement

I = Incident

I = Injury

Quick test for you reading at home…

quickly do a squat and tell me you breathed all the way, kept your spine straight all the way to the end of range, didn’t turn your feet out or lift your ankles…and you didn’t feel any stiffness or pain. This would be complete. What we know by seeing over 14,000 patients now is that 99% of the population do not have complete movement. Our job at NextMove is to therefore Restore this movement once we have addressed the first parts of the D2 formulae, and in most cases, we treat all 4.

The design of our programs uses a test and re-test model and proves that our patients move closer to restoring their full physiological position as we use carefully planned mobility and motor control programmes.

I simply love learning from the patients that present in front of me and the mentors I now use around the globe to keep up with the complexity of movement. I’m learning some simple techniques which help me work on certain parts of our whole-body system so my patients can put it back into helping their functional goals.

If you want to jump higher, walk faster, run more efficiently, leap further, swim smoother, cycle with more power, swing better…our team will be READY for you.

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