Working From Home - Key Considerations

A recent ABS survey completed at the start of the year confirmed that the amount of people working from home for 1 or more days has almost doubled. It is widely recognised that musculoskeletal disorders are prevalent amongst office workers, so how do we minimize this when we move from the office to the home-work environment.

Consideration must be paid to work habits, work environment and equipment that is in place.

From anecdotal reporting even when people are working from home, they are reporting decreased ability to move away from the workstation due to video call after video call. Work hours are extended due to the lack of being able to separate from the work environment.

Longer hours = Longer sustained positioning = Increased potential risk for musculoskeletal pain.

Key strategies to consider;

Environment - Set up in an area free from distraction, adjustable lighting, temperature control

Thinks about safety - Make sure there are no hazards for you, your family or housemates

Keep normal Work hours – Don’t be tempted to clock those extra hours, work your standard day with breaktimes included.

Use the right equipment – Source equipment from your employer where possible, use office type adjustable furniture and equipment to optimise your positioning.

Keep active – Stretch regularly, complete strength exercises, Get up and move at least every hour, take a lunch break away from the desk.

If you have questions regarding working from home speak to your Nextmove Physiotherapist about strategies for your work from home set up.


Household Impacts of COVID-19 Survey

Insights into the prevalence and nature of impacts from COVID-19 on households in Australia.

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