Wellness and Gym Membership

Physical wellness allows us to be active and do what we love to do.

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When there is physical discomfort, pain or injury and our wellness is imbalanced it affects us emotionally, can impair our thinking and thoughts and dishearten our spirit.


What does wellness mean to you?



Wellness and Rehab Studio Memberships

Our boutique wellness studio has a range of clinically proven equipment for your rehabilitation and fitness goals. With a number of physiotherapists always onsite, you can feel confident that a helping hand or advice is close.

The Kinesis and GRAVITY system by Total Gym are the gold standard, premierrehabilitation equipment ensuring that you have the best possible rehabilitation program for your recovery and to attain your fitness goals. For an assessment call (08) 9307 1244 or book online.


Wellness Menu  

Our Wellness Menu is here to optimise your movement, treat injury and illness, facilitate weight loss, rehabilitate and offer preventative programs tobuild your body’s strength and resilience. We offer the following:

  • Clinical Pilates
  • Mat work Pilates
  • Resistance based training using Techno Gym equipment
  • Aerobic fitness training using Vario
  • Wellness and Rehab Studio Memberships