At the heart and soul of our business is our passion to make movement a positive part of your life. We offer 38 classes per week ranging from GENERAL  to more SPECIALISED classes, all run by our physio team. 

Our success is watching you enjoy vibrant health and wellbeing, to be happier and love the life and body you’re in!  We take pride in assessing your needs first so we can prescribe exercise and or a class that suits your goals. 

The Running Class

We have staff dedicated to helping you run again, return back from injury, train for that next big event, provide ongoing running technique improvement.  Simply book an appointment with Matt or Vanessa for a Running Assessment before you start this class


Acute Reformer/Acute Mat Clinical Pilates

Under our Specialised class options, Clinical pilates, using either the reformer or mat is back on the Exercise Prescription option for 2018. This class typically follows our Clinical Pilates Individualised sessions (which are appointments offered as private or semi-private), where acute patients use an individually designed program to work out in a class environment. We allow a maximise of 4 in these classes. Our physio team will be very hands on, to make sure technique around posture/precision and breathing makes your rehabilitation optimal.


 This class runs regularly in our general pilates class schedule. Using the pilates reformer machine after a physiotherapy assessment, this class is for up to 6 people. This class offers more general fitness, strength and balance movements used on the reformer. This class is about preventing pain, stiffness and increasing muscle tone, strength, stability and confidence to move in positions that we need for daily life.

Youth Pilates

This class is for our patients 12-17 years of age that need exercise support in their lives. The pilates assessment is first conducted before a youth class can be attended as this class involves a carefully measured prescription of exercise suited for each individual patient. This class is strictly supervised and we invite parents to watch, support and encourage if needed. The youth pilates involves use of the pilates reformer mainly, and also the wellness studio to take measurements in flexibility and balance.

Mat Pilates

All of our physiotherapists take mat pilates at Nextmove. We use a mixture of pilates movement ideas that involve improving the posture in laying, side lying, sitting, kneeling and standing positions. We have 10 positions available in all our mat work in the wellness studio at Nextmove. We use the foam roller, theraband, balls, trigger point aids, magic circles and broomsticks to help energise the session and achieve functional movement positions.


Pregnancy Pilates

For all stages of pregnancy we have a careful prescription and method to teaching pilates. This is a small group class for up to 6. In 2018 we will also introduce more post natal classes as we aim to evolve this special type of exercise.

Body Balance

This class is more designed for senior patients and is operated in a circuit format to help all Chronic Health problems. We advise a physio assessment before joining this class. The class uses special machines in our physiogym and is supervised by one physiotherapist to 8 participants. Tea and coffee is offered following each BB class. This class can be fully funded under a Health Care Plan via a GP. We aim to build Confidence, Coordination, Strength, Flexibility, Mobility, Fun and Fitness

New Motion

Returning in 2018. This class includes a full body mobility workout, where our head physiotherapist has designed specific exercises to improve patients range of movement, addressing both pain and stiffness problems. We use the wellness floor stretch rig and mobility apparatus to host this unique 55 minute workout. 

Pilates Circuit

Every Saturday morning at 7am we ignite the weekend, with a highly energetic movement class to focus on mobility, flexibility, strength and posture using our physiogym equipment including Kniesis, the Stretch station, Cross Fit Rig, foam rollers, water balls, med balls, distraction bands plus much more. We have 14 spots up for grabs