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Matt Tribble

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Founder & Managing Director

Motivation equals purpose, energy and small simple steps. I have focused on creating a company that is driven around this formula that changes people’s lives.

Luke Hollings


General Manager, Senior Physiotherapist

I am committed to working with patients from all backgrounds, helping you to identify the root cause of your injury or pain presentation. Through understanding the 'why' to providing treatment, exercise and preventative tools you will be back to your best in no time.

Elaine Hainsworth


Administration Manager

" I am passionate about staying healthy & keeping fit. It is an absolute privilege to be supporting such an enthusiastic & empowering team. At Nextmove we strive to create a warm & welcoming atmosphere with exceptional service & care."

Greg Morgan



"I've been involved in the health and wellness industry for 20 plus years from being a Strength Coach at WAIS, working with multiple Olympic and Commonwealth Games levels of athletes to also the recreational athlete"

Eithne Hennesy


Group Class Manager

Sarah Gregson

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"I enjoy being able to facilitate personal achievements for my clients and those I interact with. I get satisfaction working with these who are invested in improving their health and value the importance for both longevity and quality of life. Exercise and functional movement are to be explored and enjoyed."

" I'm passionate about embracing the advances in the field of fascial therapy and treatment by incorporating Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) into the service I offer as a Specialist physiotherapist."

Sara Pedras


Remedial Massage Therapist & Mindfulness Coach

"Massage is an important and effective therapy that benefits a wide range of people and conditions. Massage is sometimes regarded as a luxury when it should be regarded as an essential mean to promote and maintain optimum health, fitness and wellbeing. "

Amy Maitland 

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Sports and Exercise Science Movement Leader

Karen Thompson

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Movement Coach

Anna Collie

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Movement Coach

Amanda Sayers

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Movement Coach

Erin Carver

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Movement Coach

Amy Turnbull

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"I have a passion for food and health. There is more to it than just numbers on a scale and macros. Food is fun and exciting; it brings us together, helps us achieve our goals and gives us energy to live our lives"

Ryan Oxtoby


Sport Scientist & Technical Support

"I enjoy supporting our corporate clients on mine sites and seeing the industrial athlete come to life through the engagement of our tech"

Zoe Tribble


Company Secretary

"Today is a new day, a fresh start. Think happy thoughts, exercise, drink lots of water. Don't just eat. Fuel your body. Be healthy and happy. Take care of YOU."

Jo Sparkes


Administration Assistant

"I’ve always loved the rewards of exercise on your body and mind. I’m very passionate about Pilates, Dance and everyday fitness. Its absolutely wonderful to work in an environment with people who are passionate about looking after others health and wellbeing."

Tanya Howell

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Movement Coach