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Our Team.

Our experienced team provide a personalised and holistic approach to health and wellness. Our mission is to make human performance and wellbeing limitless through prevention, performance and technology.


Matt Tribble

Founder & Managing Director

Motivation equals purpose, energy and small simple steps. I have focused on creating a company that is driven around this formula that changes people’s lives. Having a Masters in Physiotherapy and more recent Movement Specialist qualification I have a passion for "making human performance limitless".

Elaine Hainsworth

Elaine Hainsworth

Administration Manager

" I am passionate about staying healthy & keeping fit. It is an absolute privilege to be supporting such an enthusiastic & empowering team. At Nextmove we strive to create a warm & welcoming atmosphere with exceptional service & care."





“Sport and Exercise has always been a huge part of my life. I love keeping active, fit and eating well. 

I am passionate about the benefits of Pilates to both the body and mind and I love to teach Pilates classes as well as practice Pilates myself. Helping people achieve their health & fitness goals through Pilates and bringing happiness to our clients during my classes is the most rewarding part of my job.” 



Senior Physio 
(Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator)

" I'm passionate about embracing the advances in the field of fascial therapy and treatment by incorporating Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) into the service I offer as a Specialist physiotherapist."



Senior Physiotherapist

Hi Nextmove community 👋 My name is Kyan Jones and I am excited to join the amazing team at Nextmove. If pain or injury stopped me doing the things I love - playing football, exercising, surfing or playing with my nephews, I would want the best possible treatment plan to get me back to my full potential. This is why I am passionate about using a holistic physio approach to help get my patients back doing the things they love.



Physiotherapist & Head Strength Coach

"I've been involved in the health and wellness industry for 20 plus years from being a Strength Coach at WAIS, working with multiple Olympic and Commonwealth Games levels of athletes to also the recreational athlete"



NM Logo_Orange.png

Massage Therapist 

Massage Therapist



Massage Therapist 

I specialise in Deep Tissue massage, it’s my favorite! I also love Sports massage, Swedish. My main specialty is the neck and shoulders. I really just enjoy finding tight muscles and releasing them. Reducing my clients aches and pains is my biggest joy for them and for me, but mostly for them!



Accredited Clinical Nutritionist & Movement Coach

“I dedicated a lot of my time studying Nutrition and the human body in order to recover from Anorexia Nervosa and manage chronic pain from Scoliosis. I strive to use my knowledge to help people, from giving basic Nutrition advice to fine-tuned Nutritional Medicine for chronic health conditions. ” 



Movement Coach

" I believe moving your body should feel good both physically and mentally, which is why I love the Pilates method. After many years as a dancer I endeavour to deliver a well thought out whole-body flowing class. Encompassing stretch and strengthening whilst accomodating the individual’s needs"



Movement Coach

"I"ve spent the last 25 years working in wellness and in public health supporting people and communities to optimise their mental and physical health. I love teaching Pilates and aim for classes that flow, so you can get into "the Zone". I'll also encourage you to find just one thing to challenge and improve in every class:

Karen Thompson

reformer pilates instructor

Movement Coach

"I am constantly motivated in motivating others, Not only to keep their mobility year after year, to keep building on strength, balance and coordination feeding not only our bodies physically, also feeding us mentally. I BELIEVE  THE BEST INVESTMENT IS IN OURSELVES"



NM Logo_Orange.png

Admin Assistant

You might recognise Erin...not only great on the front desk, she also serves an amazing coffee downstairs at Banks Coffee Co.



Admin Assistant

"I"ve been a patient at Nextmove for over 10 years and I am so pleased to work here on the front desk to welcome you all here at Nextmove whilst I complete my final year of education at St Mary's. Exercise, Sport and the importance of quality rehab has supported me throughout my youth and I would encourage everyone to get down here to be part of this thriving atmosphere driven by a great team. I will probably see you Saturdays."

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