Physiotherapy& Pilates

Physiotherapy Plus for everybody – your next move to a healthy and happy lifestyle!

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We welcome and help everybody from young children, adolescents, mums and dads, professional athletes, weekend athletes, and our senior citizens. Our client’s ages ranges from 3 to 93!

We provide comprehensive physiotherapy services for enhancing your physical movement and overall quality of life.

We use Clinical Pilates to treat acute conditions, as well as traditional manual therapy techniques. Our facilities are comprised of 4 large private consultation rooms, a recovery suite, wellness studio with world class rehabilitation equipment and a pilates reformer and mat work area. 

Pop in today to grab our fresh timetable of options should you need an appointment or class to help you move!


You and your body are unique!

We work in partnership with you. We will listen to your concerns and match you with a physiotherapist who who has a passion for and special interest in what’s physically hurting or holding you back from attaining the quality of life you want.

Most people don’t hesitate to see a GP when they are sick. So why put up with physical pain, injury or discomfort? Put your ‘body’ first and book into see one of our dedicated team so you can get back to enjoying the things in life that you love doing.


There are many reasons why people come to see our physiotherapists’ such as:

Back pain
Neck Pain
Sports Injuries
Post-Surgery Rehabilitation
Office-based soreness from computer work and prolonged sitting